Box Reuse Scheme

We're thrilled to introduce our box reuse scheme! The primary goal is to minimize the production of packaging materials. To achieve this, we've designed our boxes using durable cardboard, which is perfectly suitable to be reused! The empty boxes are folded & bundled together making them compact for transporting.

Check out the how it works below!

1. Collect 3-10 empty boxes

You can flat pack the boxes for ease of storage.

We ask for a minimum of 3 boxes to be sent back in one go and a maximum of up to 10 boxes tied into one bundle. More on the folding&tying later :)

As your return bundle will be picked-up by the driver when they drop-off your next Bloom Blooms be sure to trigger this service at the latest before your last delivery!

2. Drop us an email

Email us by Sunday 21:00 before your next/last delivery at [email protected] with the following text and fill in the 'XXX' parts: (psst you can copy & paste the text directly into your email ;)

Hi Bloom Bloom,

I have collected 3 (or more) reusable boxes and would like a return shipping label to be emailed to me along with the box folding guide.

Amount of boxes collected: XXX

My name and address: XXX

My next Bloom Bloom delivery date: XXX

Thank you very much!

3. Prepare & deposit your bundle

Fold and bundle your boxes according to the box folding guide you will receive with our return email.

Print the return shipping label sent to you in the same email and attach it to your bundle.

Leave your return bundle outside by 6am on the morning of your delivery in the same location your beloved Bloom Blooms are usually deposited.

Our delivery company then will collect your bundle whilst depositing your fresh Bloom Blooms.

Our delivery partner will then deposit your fresh Bloom Blooms and at the same time pick up your reusable box bundle!

But if it's ever missed, just drop us and email and we'll see what we can do.
Yours sincerely [email protected]


Our boxes tend to look good after several uses however for gift subscriptions the first box sent out is always new.

Please only return boxes that are reusable. We'll soon be sharing some sustainable tips and tricks on how to make the most out of old boxes that can no longer be reused ;)